Housing for the Orthodox Community

As specialists in custom residential design, we at Levin/Brown Architects have completed hundreds of new custom homes and equally as many additions and renovations.  While the recession put a real halt to most residential projects one area of the market showed a surprising rise in work; housing for the Orthodox Jewish community.

Having already proved themselves as specialists in synagogue architecture, Levin/Brown was no secret to the Jewish community in Baltimore.  It was not unusual, therefore, that this segment of the marketplace reached out to us to help them with the design for their custom homes, renovations and additions.  These families, living within walking distance of the congregations they worship at find that as their families grow they need more room.  Additional bedrooms, living space, expanded kitchens and storage are all necessities as is staying close to the synagogues they worship at.

Within the last year we have completed the design for new custom homes on undeveloped parcels and new homes on parcels where the existing residence will be torn down to make way for a new custom house.  We are also working on a number of projects where renovation and addition is the focus of the residential design.  This new area of residential architect represents another unique opportunity for us to use our skills to assist our clients achieve their dreams.