Recent events in the automotive industry have led to many changes in dealership design. Our expertise includes site selection for new facilities, renovation and additions to existing buildings to reflect corporate branding updates, interior design and we are familiar with advances in the delivery of maintenance in the service department.

Funeral Home

The architecture and interior design of funeral homes is a highly sophisticated exercise. Whether modern or traditional design, our goal is to bring a sense of comfort to the families who use the facility as well as provide efficient spaces for the staff and clergy.


Design of hospitality spaces for, independent caterers, restaurants, hotels, and institutions. Including ancillary services, commercial kitchen's, storage, prep and serve areas, offices and meeting rooms.

Mixed Use

The design of mixed use architecture is especially challenging as it must consider the demands of a variety of uses. Our mixed use projects include restaurants, bars, marinas, office, retail, recreational facilities and housing.



The design of a retail establishment should showcase the products or services offered and convey an image that reflects the brand. We work with our commercial clients to develop a functional layout that achieves an aesthetic presentation consistent with our clients vision of their business.