Temple Sinai – Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV

Square Feet: 40,000 sq.ft (19,000 sqft New Const.) Year Complete: 2014

The Temple Sinai family is a vibrant, thriving community that holds close its core values and vision of worship, is vested in the community and is alive with congregants and students who are enriching the lives of others.

Temple Sinai is a community treasure for our families with multiple touchpoints throughout the Jewish life cycle from preschool to exclusive senior programming.

The congregation decided in 2011 to embark on a masterplan to address the growing needs of their community.   They were currently using a multipurpose room as a worship facility.  Their building already had a preschool and multipurpose space but no dedicated religious school classrooms, offices, learning center or sanctuary and chapel.  We designed several plan layouts and two different schematic architectural variations.  

The new additions included a new dedicated 350 seat sanctuary expanding incrementally to 700, a new entrance lobby, learning center, memorial alcove, gift shop, chapel, school wing, youth lounge, and school offices. The renovations of the existing building included a refurbished and subdividual social hall/event center, relocated business and professional offices, new toilet facilities, and support space. The new additions also created outdoor program space and a meditation garden. Most importantly the design needed to create a building with a strong “Judaic” presence in this architecturally “unique” city.

The design evolved into a dynamic and contemporary architectural statement.  The main sanctuary utilizes seating in the round, with natural light from clerestory on both sides as well as stained glass above the Ark and Bemah.   The ark itself is a unique open concept built of handmade class and metal gates.  Circling the sanctuary there are ten glass panels each one contains the Hebrew and English of the 10 commandments. 

The lobby space is a spline that houses a coffee lounge, memorial alcove, gift shop, access to worship spaces, office, and learning center library.

The design of the school is whimsical and efficient, the Las Vegas climate lends itself to exterior hallway access and creates a beautiful courtyard for both planned events and other social activities. 

Temple Sinai is a warm and welcoming Reform Jewish community dedicated to the support of Israel and passionate about lifelong learning, soulful worship, and social justice.