Levin/Brown & Associates is one of those firms specializing in synagogue architecture that the Union for Reform Judaism recommends to assist congregations throughout the United States  who are planning for their future.   Congregations needs vary greatly and include such diverse issues as whether to stay and update their existing building or move to a new site, evaluation of budgetary expectations related to proposed projects and help with understanding the planning process.

Assistance related to the many facets involved in the development of a Master Plan are perhaps most frequently asked for.   These include the identification of committees necessary to direct the process, how to select an architect, programming, budgeting for building and soft costs, project timing, the production of fund raising documents, etc.   This work is done pro bono by our firm.  Typically we will allot two days to a congregation to meet with leadership and clergy.   We walk through the existing facility to get an idea of what the current conditions are, look at other congregations in the community and in the case of new construction proposed sites.  We then lead a meeting where we walk through the various aspects of the process describing their components and answering questions that the participants might have.  At the conclusion of the session we have found that most congregations are provided with the basic tools they need to take the next step in securing the future of their congregation.  We remain a phone call away to assist when necessary.